“As a pharmacist owner, I am happy to use both my clinical and academic expertise to enhance the quality of your health. We evaluate your medical condition, review your current medications, and provide prescriptions if needed. Then we arrange delivery and follow up with you.”

Golnasim Riahi, PharmD PhD

  • PhD in Neuropharmacology in Université Laval, Canada
  • Fellowship in Harvard-MIT division, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, USA
  • MSc in Nanobiotechnology in France
  • Doctor of Pharmacy in Iran


  • Pharmacist in different independent and franchise pharmacies: Shoppers Drug Mart, Uniprix, Walmart, Familiprix and Jean Coutu and Proxim
  • Clinical instructor in Faculty of pharmacy, Univesité de Montreal
  • Lecturer in Faculty of pharmacy, Univesité de Laval


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